How To Operate the Bypass for Fleck Control Valves

The bypass valve is a device that is used with most Fleck water softener and backwashing filter valves. This article applies to the bypass valve commonly used on the following control valve models:

Fleck 5600

Fleck 5800

Fleck 2510

Fleck 9100

Aquatell Prosoft 2 / 2GW / 2AQX

The bypass valves is a set of two joined valves that can be used as a selector: they can be oriented so that the water flows through the machine or is bypassed around the machine.

Service Mode

In Fleck lingo "service mode" means that the valve is in service. It does not mean that it needs to be serviced. The Fleck bypass valve is in service mode when the two handles are turned so they are parallel to one another like this and in this mode, water will flow through the treatment system:

Bypass Mode

To put the system in bypass mode, turn the two handles so they are pointing toward each other. In this orientation water will only flow through the bypass valve, it will not flow through the treatment system. Bypass mode is usually used when a technician or homeowner wants to isolate the equipment so it can be serviced while still allowing water (though untreated) to flow to the home. With the bypass in this orientation, the bypass valve can be uncoupled from treatment system while still allowing water to flow to the home through the bypass valve:

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