Clack Set Regen Day & Time

The Clack control valve allows you to change the number of days between regenerations and the time of day that the regeneration occurs. For systems where the stage programming has been set to automatically regenerate based on the amount of water that has been consumed (i.e. metered) then the Regen Day setting defines the maximum number of days between regenerations if the system hasn't initiated one based on water consumption. For systems that are not metered (backwashing carbon, backwashing sediment, tannin) the Regen Day defines the exact number of days between regenerations.

To make changes to these values, you'll enter the programming menu by pressing and holding the NEXT and UP buttons:

clack programming buttons

Use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through values, and the NEXT button to enter the value as follows:

  1. Set Regen Day
  • For Backwashing Carbon systems we recommend a value of 5 days
  • For pH Neutralizers we recommend a value of 5 days
  • For Backwashing Sediment Filters we recommend a value of 5 days
  • For Tannin Systems we recommend a value of 7 days
  • For AIO / Iron / Manganese / Sulphur Systems we recommend a value of 2 days

These values may need to be adjusted based on local conditions. For instance, in situations where the contaminant load is especially heavy, the frequency of backwash/regeneration may need to be shortened. To make a system backwash/regenerate more frequently lower the Regen Day value

IMPORTANT: Increasing the time between backwash/regeneration beyond the recommended values may shorten the lifespan of the filtration media. We do not recommend extending beyond our recommended values unless you've consulted with an Aquatell tech support specialist.

  1. Set Time Regen
  • set the hour of regeneration, scroll past 12:00 to change from AM to PM, press NEXT
  • set the minutes of regeneration, press NEXT
  • this will set the time of day that the backwash/regeneration begins
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