Clack WS1 Control Valve Error Codes

Error Code

Error Description

Common Causes


101 / 1001 / E1 / Err 101

The control valve can't recognize the start of the regeneration cycle because it can't detect what position the internal piston is in.

The position of piston is determined by an optical sensor and if this sensor doesn't work you'll get the error code.

Check to make sure there is no dust or debris on the sensor and on the disc that passes through the sensor. Check that motor is fully seated in its mounting harness.

102 / 1002 / E2 / Err 102

As the control valve's internal mechanism is moving, it has experienced an unexpected stall.

There's something in the valve mechanism that's physically jamming it. Sometimes it's caused by overtightening the main drive gear when servicing.

Remove the piston and seal/stack and clean it of any debris. Look into the orifice it's removed from and clear this of any debris also.

103 / 1003 / E3 / Err 103

This is a "motor run time error" where the motor has been turning too long without the system detecting that the internal mechanism has moved to the correct position.

You may have debris in the mechanism that is slowing the mechanism down too much. Or the motor may not be fully seated in the motor mount. Also check to make sure that the plastic tabs that hold the internal parts of the valve are fully snapped together (drive bracket).

First check to make sure the motor is fully seated, then check the internal mechanism/orifice for debris. Lastly, check to make sure the drive bracket is seated in place and all tabs are fully clicked into place.

103 / 1003 / E3 / Err 103

This is a very similar error to the one above (103 / 1003). It is corrected with the same procedures.

See above

See above

116 / 1006 / E6 / Err 106

The control board is expecting to detect an attached MAV (Mulitple Valve System) but it's not connected.

This is likely a programming error where the controller has been set to expect an external MAV but one is not being used.

Reprogram the control valve to change the MAV setting.

117 / 1007 / E7 / Err 107

There is something that is physically jamming an attached MAV (Multiple Valve System).

May be a programming issue (see above) if no MAV is being used.

If no MAV is attached, reprogram the valve as per above. If there is a MAV attached, open it up and remove any trapped debris.

For many of these error situations, you will need to cycle the power on the control valve after you have taken the corrective action. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • unplug the A/C adapter from the wall outlet
  • remove the front cover of the control valve
  • identify the power connector (see image below)
  • disconnect this from the board
  • wait 5 seconds
  • reconnect it
  • replace valve cover
  • plug A/C adapter back into wall outlet

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